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12 of my tweets that got 0 likes in 2022

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Last year, I made a list on this blog of my posts on Twitter that generated zero (0) likes in 2021. It ended up being pretty funny and interesting way to look back at the year, so I decided to do it again.

Twitter has gone through a lot of changes since I last made this list: Elon Musk now owns the company and has radically shifted the perception of platform, new features were both added and removed, and also my usage and overall enjoyment of Twitter went down. In 2021, I had 13 tweets that had neither likes nor retweets. This year, there were only 12. Does this mean I got more engagement this year or did I just tweet less? The math is unclear.

Another factor to consider is that I got rid of my blue checkmark this year after changing my handle, which may have either gotten me more engagement or less. The math is unclear.

Also, tweets now have view counts on the timeline, so I will attach that information as well.

Okay, so here are the 12 tweets this year from my account that received no likes on Twitter:

1. February 11th, 2022

"I have a spec script about Toby discovering time travel and going back to save Jack"

In February 2022, This is Us creator Dan Fogelman stated that he would love to make a This is Us movie, which would take place in an alternative universe where the Milo Ventimiglia's Jack survived the house fire that killed the character. Before this story was reported, I had approached Allegra with this very same idea, but throwing in that Chris Sullivan's Toby discovers time travel and goes back in time to save Jack from the fire, thus creating a new timeline. This Is Us has never addressed time travel nor any supernatural or sci-fi elements in the show, but that would be avant-garde I think. Anyways, I don't think many people that follow me watched This Is Us. [192 Impressions, 4 Engagements, 2 Detail expands]

2. March 11th, 2022

[A picture of a post in the ocean with a bunch of birds sitting on it]

In March 2022, I went sailing with my dad, my uncle, and their two friends overnight off the coast of St. Petersburg, Florida. While on the boat, I took this picture and posted it to Twitter. There is no context, so I guess I get why no one would like it. I wanted to get more into just posting a picture on Twitter, kind of like how I would use Tumblr. Maybe I could have added a Twitter-friendly caption like "How my tweets look to my casual followers" [257 Impressions, 6 Engagements, 2 Detail expands]

3. March 9th, 2022

"there was so much potential for that porky pig rap in space jam 2"

Though Space Jam 2 came out in 2021, I was apparently still thinking about the lost potential that the long-awaited sequel had, notably the rap battle scene featuring famous Looney Tune Porky Pig. Pig is famously known for stuttering in almost every sentence he has ever uttered, but there is a certain rhythmic cadence to it that would work great for rapping. Unfortunately, the cartoon basketball star's flow was lackluster and frankly too short, though it doesn't seem that anyone agreed with me on this sentiment. [232 Impressions, 1 Engagements, 1 Profile visits]

4. March 24th, 2022

"this is my favorite of the bootleg batman t-shirts i have found [eBay link]"

When The Batman came out in theaters, there were a bunch of bootleg shirts featuring Robert Pattinson as the caped crusader on eBay. I found one that had a pretty random font and looked like a fan-made concert tee version of the movie. The link I originally posted is now dead, so maybe that contributed to the lack of likes. [167 Impressions, 6 Engagements, 1 Detail expands]

5. March 28th, 2022

"i can't help but feel bad for michael bolton on the american song contest"

NBC's American Song Contest was the USA's attempt at Eurovision, showcasing artists and musicians from all 50 states in a music competition that was like 2 hours long every week. As a native nutmegger, I was interested to see who was representing Connecticut. It was none other than 69-year-0ld already-famous musician Michael Bolton, who was there promoting his newest single. He kind of seemed out of place among his competitors, and gave the subtle impression that his record label forced this upon him. Nevertheless, I enjoyed his song "Beautiful World." [391 Impressions, 12 Engagements, 10 Detail expands, 1 Profile visits]

6. March 28th, 2022

"gibson kinda made a new version of headbangers ball but if it picked up after it was originally cancelled [link to YouTube video]"

March was a rough month I guess. On March 24th, 2022, guitar manufacturer Gibson published a pilot on YouTube for a heavy metal/movie monster themed talk show called Metal and Monsters, hosted by King Freak bassist Matt “Count D” Montgomery featuring guests Don Dokken (of '80s metal band Dokken) and Robert Englund (of Freddy Krueger fame). Like my tweet said, this looked like a modern production version of the original run of MTV's Headbangers Ball. And it was cool! Since then, they have only posted on other episode (on Halloween🤘) as the date of this post. [213 Impressions, 5 Engagements]

7. June 30th, 2022

"giving Weezer's SZNZ: Summer another listen"

Weezer has put out 4 albums this year, one for each four seasonal divisions. On June 30th, one week after the Summer release, I decided to give it another listen. Like their song "Records" states, it was "going round and around and again" in my head a bunch this year. Looking back at this point, it seems that I have mismatched followers who don't really consume the same content as me. Though it did lead to two people visiting my profile (maybe it was Weezer).

[170 Impressions, 3 Engagements, 2 Profile visits]

8. August 11th, 2022

"printer companies are too powerful!! [link to article]"

I had a frustrating year trying to get a CD printer I bought on eBay to work properly. Printer companies are trying to get you to pay a ridiculous amount of money by forcing you to buy ink from them, and also blocking some models from working after a certain amount of time using it. They are corrupt! This article I posted from The Verge explains it better than I do. People did not show solidarity on this one. [141 Impressions, 3 Engagements, 1 Detail expands, 2 Profile visits]

9. August 14th, 2022

"fun and weird vergecast segment [quoted retweet]

To be fair, this is a quoted retweet, but I just want to note there is a pic of me in this retweet that no one liked. This was from when we tested out how well wireless earbuds sounded on a busy ferry ride in NYC for The Verge's podcast The Vergecast. [124 Impressions, 3 Engagements, 3 Profile visits]

10. September 22nd, 2022

"oh no I missed my stop and now i'm in bundletown"

This was addressing Disney Plus' campaign about bundling its service with Hulu and ESPN+, calling for consumers to "book their trip to Bundletown". I would never do this, unless I accidentally missed my stop and ended up in that place. I don't people got the reference. [166 Impressions]

11. October, 5th 2022

"super fun Vergecast today...Amazon's Dave Limp chats with Alex and David, then David tried to fix printers, and then Becca calls us with her AirPods Pro while biking... keeping listening for sea lions. [link to article]"

People don't like printer content! Or I guess another wireless earbuds test. But also it is a promo of a podcast I work on, which had an Amazon executive on it. So I get it. I also used the same photo as the other printer story that did not get any likes. My bad. [186 Impressions]

12. November 14th, 2022

"looking to be included in the cloverfield universe"

Last but not least, this is my favorite tweet of the bunch. In September, it was announced there will be another "Cloverfield" film being made with director Babak Anvari. This is a universe of movies that I don't think anyone really wants except me. We are exhausted by the shared universe these days, but the Cloverfield movies are an especially weird set of films that are barely connected (most of which were not originally intended to be set in the Cloverfield universe) and take on multiple subgenres of sci-fi. Everyone wants to be in the Star Wars universe, I want to be in the Cloverfield one. [124 Impressions]

We'll see how I do next year! If Twitter still exists at that point.


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