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What is "oh look at the time?"

It's "Aw, Would You Look At The Time", abbreviated "AWYLATT".

AWYLATT started out as a late night talk show podcast in the literal sense of the phrase. The concept has evolved a bit and will mostly likely continue to evolve.

This website is an attempt to expand on the theme of the show into other forms of art, but the main thing is this audio show I mentioned. In addition to the audio show, we have a blog, a Twitch show, an Etsy store, and I guess this website.

The plan is to eventually hand the show over to a worthy recipient when the current hosts die, retire, or shift into another dimension (preferably the latter).


Who does this?

Screen Shot 2020-04-10 at 12.34.19

Andru Marino

Andru is a Senior Audio Director at TheVerge. Andru is actually typing this so I'm going to use "I" for the rest of this. I love art. This show is my life's work I think.


Allegra Frank

Allegra joined the show in 2019 and many things have happened since. It is rumored that Andru is just a figment of Allegra's imagination, but it has recently been debunked by various YouTubers. Allegra is a senior editor at The Daily Beast.



If you listen to the show, I think it is safe to say you are the one of the more important people involved here. You do not owe me anything though. This can also be interpreted as you wanting to work on the show. If so, contact us! If not, you can just sign the guest book.

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