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Mixtape of the month: November 2021

Listen to a food-themed mixtape titled "A Little Lunch"

This month's mixtape is another one I found in a box on the side of the road years ago. "A Little Lunch" features 24 tracks of food-related music and skits, from the classic Thanksgiving staple "Alice's Restaurant" to a variety of audio plays from Monty Python.

I don't know exactly when this mixtape was made, but judging by when this Maxell XL II 90 cassette was manufactured, it would have to have been after 2002. If someone made this in the early 2000s, I'd be impressed with the curator's knowledge of food-themed tracks and their ability to get all of the recordings onto a cassette—not an easy feat at that time, although easier than it would have been in the 1990s. The curator also took some time to design, print, and glue this track list on a Maxell J-Card.

The track list is as follows:

Side A (Have Some Bars)

  1. Alice's Restaurant (Opening) - Arlo Guthrie

  2. The Frog and Peach - Peter Cook and Dudley Moore

  3. Take Me Out to Eat - Sally Fingerett

  4. Cheese Shop - Monty Python

  5. Corn Dogs - The Bobs

  6. Food for Thought - Flanders & Swann

  7. Butter - Megan McDonough

  8. Crunchy Frog - Monty Python

  9. Chocolate - The Chenille Sisters

  10. Powdermilk Biscuits - Prairie Home Companion

  11. Cabbage - The Smothers Brothers

Side B (I'm Stuffed)

  1. Lime Jello Marshmallow Cottage Cheese Surprise - Joan Morris and William Bolcom

  2. Cranberry Man - Bob & Ray

  3. Ajua Hot Sauce - Prairie Home Companion

  4. Don't Slay That Potato - Tom Paxton

  5. Spam - Monty Python

  6. Spam - Save Ferris

  7. Chicken Cordon Blues - Steve Goodman

  8. Pizza Deliverance - The Chenille Sisters

  9. The Reluctant Cannibal - Flanders & Swann

  10. A Little Priest - Angela Lansbury & Len Cariou

  11. Shimmer - The Not Ready For Prime Time Players

  12. Alice's Restaurant (Close) - Arlo Guthrie

Besides the slight detour into cannibalism, this is a good mix! I especially appreciated the introduction to the comedy duo Bob & Ray, whom I'd never heard of before.

I added all the music and skits into a playlist on YouTube and Spotify for you to listen to; check those out below.

And in case you want to hear the mix in all of its authentic cassette tape goodness, click here for a downloadable file.

Happy eating!


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