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Photos from the Vintage Computer Festival

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

This past April, I visited the InfoAge Science and History Museums in Wall Township, New Jersey to attend the Vintage Computer Federation East's festival. I took my analog camera, so here are some of the better photos that were developed by my friend Matt.

Photos included here are actually from both the 2022 and 2023 festival.

The museums are worth checking out any time of the year, my favorite is the vintage radio/TV museum.

A great demo in one of the exhibits at the festival was a bunch of weather report systems.

I love the vintage office setups in the vintage computer museum.

This is probably what my desk would look like in the '80s.

Old computers

Shoutout the the Apple Lisa

There is also a military vehicles exhibit, which is a wild collection indoors.

Great sign.

2022 consignment area. The 2023 consignment shop was giantic and hard to get into!

Here's what I bought at the Vintage Computer Festival (the PC tower and those classic speakers).

Thanks for clicking! This was mostly to show off the photos I took.

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1 Comment

Allegra Frank
Allegra Frank
Jun 28, 2023

glad you had fun!

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