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Top 10 earrings Allegra can get for her newly pierced ears

Now that Allegra has her ears pierced, she has unlimited possibilities of earrings available to her on the internet. I took the liberty of choosing some that I think would look great on her ears.

Starting off strong! I don’t really understand this one, but I think that’s why I like it. What Halloween costume is this supposed to be for? It looks like leftover parts from some other project, which I identify with.

Allegra and I play a lot of Mario games, and this was the coolest Mario-themed pair of earrings I could find, because they're not just a figure hanging like a Christmas ornament.

Double ear!!! Then if you can’t decide what earrings to wear that day, you can just pierce the ear earring to wear both!

Hit Clips were arguably the worst piece of media ever invented. Show off and repurpose your favorite singles from the early 2000s.


5. Tiny version of her vaccination card

Keeping in the theme of the global pandemic, these COVID-19 Vaccination Card earrings would be great for traveling. You'd always have your proof of your vaccination wherever you go!

(I invented this)

I typed in “spaghetti earrings” on Etsy, because I was imagining a long single strand of spaghetti going through the ear hole.

Picture below:



1. French dressing earrings

I bought these tiny French dressing bottles on eBay once when we were promoting our French Dressing themed episode of AWYLATT. I always thought they would make good earrings, so maybe I’ll make them. There are a lot of tiny food earrings on Etsy I've noticed — ketchup bottles, hot cheetos bags, Laughing Cow cheese dippers, etc.


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