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Giant media formats at a resort

My trip to the Pop Century Resort in Lake Buena Vista, FL.

Before I headed out to start my week-long vacation to Florida visiting my mom and grandma, I was sitting on my computer scrolling through Twitter in my apartment in Brooklyn. Someone tweeted a picture of them sitting in front of a giant floppy disk, and I had to know where it was. After a bit of web searching, I found out that coincidentally this was also in Florida, at Disney's Pop Century Resort, right outside of Walt Disney World. I immediately added a trip to the resort to my itinerary.

Disney's Pop Century Resort is one of the "Disney Value Resorts," a gated park with multiple hotel buildings, some shopping, dining, and recreation areas, and easy access to all of the Disney World parks. Each of these resorts has some sort of theme, and this one in particular was designed as a tribute to "the decades"—specifically the ones that make up the second half the 20th century. The resort's 9 buildings are based on different aspects of the 1950s to the 1990s. Throughout the resort are giant replicas of props from each era (hence the giant floppy disk. representing the '90s).

In order to visit the resort (at least during COVID times) , you have to actually reserve a room, so I shelled out more money than I'd like to admit to tour the grounds and then stay the night. Note: This is not a review of my experience, just some fun photos, because:

A. I went alone as an adult.

B. It was during the (hopefully waning) pandemic.

C. I really only went to take pictures of the giant tech and media formats.

If you want to see a full tour of the resort, there are YouTube videos you can watch.

Here are the buildings.




'80s (where I stayed):


You can see from a few of the pictures that there are a lot of giant props next to the buildings. These were really fun to observe while walking around, like if I were at a museum or park. Now. below, here's a bunch of the giant tech and media formats that I was ecstatic to see. Shout-out to the random people walking by that were kind enough to take photos of me.

My first mission was to get a picture with the floppy disk.
The computer pool. This was the view from outside my room.

I never thought I'd see '90s computer mouse decor.
Giant '90s computer with Disney websites.
The giant Walkman across from my room.
The keys were functionless.
POV: you are a mouse.
POV: you are a mouse at night.
Up close of the laptop.
The side of the Walkman, with headphones!
There was tons of giant 8-track tapes around the resort.
A giant diner jukebox by the '50s pool.
I loved the giant cell phones attached to the '90s-themed buildings.
Not framed great but beggars can't be choosers.
For scale.


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