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Look at the Keroppi cassette

new tape in the shop

One of my frequent eBay searches is "Sanrio cassette."

Hello Kitty cassette (sorry, sold out! )

In the 1980s, Sanrio sold a variety of character designed cassette inserts (called J-cards) made to use for your personal mixtapes.

Every once in a while, I find an old stock of Sanrio cassette inserts still in the original packaging on eBay, and I pair them with my own cassette designs for the AWYLATT shop. You may have seen the Hello Kitty tapes I had for sale

Recently, I managed to find some Keroppi (or Kerokerokeroppi) themed cassette inserts with a very cute design.

I matched the J-cards with green cassettes and translucent blue cases. The inserts also came with some sticker labels to put on the cassettes.

These are now available to purchase on the AWYLATT shop!


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