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Happy Barenaked Ladies Day!

That’s right, it’s BNL Day! (Barenaked Ladies for short)

You may remember the 90’s rock band from Canada with hits like “One Week” and “Pinch Me”, but did you know they have their May 15th. At least according to the Kids WB network in 1999.

BNL Day was the name given to the broadcast aired on Saturday, May 15, 1999, where the Barenaked Ladies performed songs and skits between each show during the Kids WB cartoon block.

Here is the promo for the event a week before it aired.


“It’ll be one week till you’re gonna see

Barenaked Ladies here on Kids WB

We’re gonna shake up the galaxy

When we pay a visit to all your W[B] family

Lois Lane’s got the fly right kickin’

Drive you off a cliff and your heart starts tickin’

Watch us posing as a Pokemon

Facing Flareon

I hope our underwear defeats them

We’re getting squeezed by Elmyra

She’ll wash and dry ya

Until your mouth’s really squeaky clean

See us riding with the MiB

Beware the back seat

It’s truly guaranteed to make you scream

Batmobile needs new wheels, watch it peel

know that we’ll wash the windows

and we’ll check the ejection seat

Hi to Tweety, he’s a sweetie, and a treaty

for Sylvestor who needs meaty

Open wide for his beak and feet

It’s Naked Day with us the fully clothed band, Barenaked Ladies —

— Remember, everyone must wear the proper shoes, shirts, and pants —

Next weekend on Kids WB.”

As you can see from the promo, the event was originally intended to be titled Naked Day, but was changed to BNL day due to complaints from parents.

Here are the bumpers from the block that day:

I do not remember this happening, but I fell into an internet hole a couple months ago and found out what day this happened and marked it on my calendar.

This year it’s also on a Saturday, so let’s celebrate!


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